Song of The Day By Poppy Ajudha

Love Falls Down

I first heard Poppy Ajudha a few years ago with the release of her song called, David’s Song.

Poppy’s voice is something else. It’s soulful, rich, soft, and literally sounds like flower petals. I literally can’t help myself but to dance and sing along as well as dream when I listen to her voice as well as put her songs on repeat.

I came across Colors Berlin a few months ago and was quite impressed with the videos they were putting out. It wasn’t until I saw on Poppy’s Instagram that she did an interview with them – I was surprised and excited as I didn’t realise they had a website as well as a YouTube channel which was all I had seen.

When I went onto YouTube and had a look at my subscriptions I think I actually shrieked with joy to see that my girl Poppy had her own video on there with a song that was then unreleased.

It wasn’t just her voice, it was the guitar played by Oscar Jerome that captivated me. THAT GUITAR THO!!! I must have spent an hour afterwards trying to figure out what he was doing so that I could play it too. That chorus gets me EVERY time, Ugh!

If you want to sit back and chill, dreaming of sun lit skies and wonderful memories then this is the perfect song to listen to. If you want to have major style envy then this is the video to watch. All and all, I wasn’t disappointed which is pretty much impossible for this talented duo.

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