I was looking through all the old blog plans that I wrote when I was 16 years old. One of the sheets was for my blog (now none-existent), Street Meets Style. I had written on a scrap of note paper in purple ink. This is what I wrote:

‘I want to create an online community that helps support 16+ year olds that need to gain confidence and want to find their personal style.’

Even though that is an old statement and my goals and interests have changed slightly, it couldn’t be closer to what I want to achieve today even if it tried. I want to create an online community for teens right up to young adults to encourage, inspire, inform and to share whether that be topics of fashion, music, lifestyle, art. You name it!

The dream that the 16 year old me had and the 20 year old me still has now been fulfilled! Welcome, KNEWYU Community an app that is an extension to the fast-growing KNEWYU website.

On this app you will find all the same content that you can see on KNEWYU as well as exclusive content that can only be seen on the app. It’s a place where not only the KNEWYU team share articles of inspiration on music, fashion and lifestyle, but it’s where everyone can share, KNEWYU readers and all!

I want everyone to be able to contribute as well as network, make new friends who share the same interests and to have fun within the KNEWYU Community.

We decided to use Amino which is a free app that allows users to create communities on different topics. I am a member of a few communities (including KNEWYU). As far as I’m aware, KNEWYU is the only Company community, so come join the fun and let’s get KNEWYU to the top!

Download the app here!


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