Song of the Day By While She Sleeps

Silence Speaks

While She Sleeps have really changed their game. After deciding last year to break from their record label and go independent, their latest releases for upcoming album ‘You Are We’ have been turning heads. ‘Silence Speaks’ is one of these songs. Featuring Bring Me The Horizon frontman Oli Sykes, the song is an explosive, crowd-pleasing masterpiece

Showcasing the band’s musical talents, the varied vocal styles of lead vocalist Loz and backing vocals from both guitarists, Sean and Mat, there’s plenty of grit to dig your teeth into. And then including Oli Sykes in it too? Vocally this track holds some pure power, yet still doesn’t get too overcrowded. Bold guitar riffs, storming bass drums and just a general fantastic quality makes this track quite an anthem, especially knowing the reputation of their live shows. People will go wild for this.

Along with this, the lyrical meaning covers a number of bases. There is brief recognition of them going independent within a few of the lines. Mostly it speaks of the corruption and deceit going on in today’s world, but also coins in the question of why? Why can’t people come together, fight for what’s right, and show some love? This track (and album even) are well worth a listen, and could catapult While She Sleeps further than ever before.

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