KNEWYU Goes To Moda – Part 1

Day 2 of The Event, Day 1 For Us

Moda is a the Uk’s largest fashion tradeshow event that takes place bi-annually. Me and two other KNEWYU Team Members, Cheyenne and Shani decided to check it all out, get inspiration, sit in some workshops, buy some cool clothes, and see the up and coming collections for 2017’s Autumn/Winter.

It was exciting to go to an event like this because this would be the first time that either of us have been to a Trade Show and it had been a while since I had attended some fashion workshops so I wanted to know what new business tips I could learn and apply to KNEWYU. Also, it’s never a bad excuse to go shopping!

We started off in the middle of the exhibition which was where the womenswear collections worked our way around from there.

As some of you may already know, Shani and I are cousins, so we are naturally very close. We know what each other looks for when it comes to shopping for clothes and accessories and I am so happy that she was there because as she and Cheyenne was scanning the bag section – in particular the store Papaya Fashion, she noticed a shiny birdcage of beauty hanging on the third shelf and pointed it out to me just as I was about to walk around the corner. In true Nadine style, I began to get very excited and wouldn’t stop going on about how amazing it was. One of the shop assistants saw my excitement and came over to engage with us in quite a lengthy conversation about the brand, designs, the owner and ended on when I could buy it (much to my happiness). Thanks again Shani!

Here are some more designs by the same accessories designer:

Continuing on that accessories path, we walked into another great section that house a stunning collection of millinery by the designer, Tosin Trim (owner of Hennumi) who is definitely as stunning as her work whilst we were hunting for the catwalk times in the lingerie section.

We stopped and engaged in a lovely conversation and after was given permission to take some photos as well as try on some of her work.

Shani modelled the designs for the camera (after much persuasion) and after Tosin modelled some for the camera as well.

And what’s the best way to end a long day at a Fashion Exhibition? Food!

None of us were in the mood to spend an arm and a leg to buy a nice Subway, so we settled for a Weatherspoons that was priced semi-decently.

Overall we had a good day!

Stay tuned for part two!

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