Song of The Day By Kari Jobe

Lover of My Soul

Kari is one of my favourite worship artists and has been ever since I first heard her music years ago. Every time a new album comes out with the name Kari Jobe on it, I buy it and this new album will be no different.

Kari is so great as she uploads each song to her YouTube channel. Some feature great visuals and others, a simple photo of her album cover like this one.

Lover of My Soul was the second or third song that I heard from Kari’s new record entitled, The Garden and it is one that I have had on repeat since. From it’s simple and humble beginning to the harmonies of Kari and (I’m guessing) Cody [Carnes] (which is Kari’s husband and also a great solo singer of his own) I am just drawn in and 100% in the mood to worship the Lord.

As you may already know, I am totally into chill and relaxing music and this definitely ticks those boxes. So, if you’re in the mood to relax or in the mood to worship, then this song is perfect for your ears! Enjoy.

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