Song of The Day By iamforest


It is no secret that I like chill music. Even if it’s from the softest indie acoustic to jazz to the loudest rock song, it will always sound chill. I’m not a huge fan of heavy music as I like to dance and feel relaxed. It’s also no secret that I am totally in love with electronic music and today’s artist ticks all those boxes for me.

iamforest aka Luke Hartle is a talented musician, producer, singer-songwriter and audio engineer and has created the perfect song that is being featured today called, Structures. It falls into a chill genre that I like to call ‘surf music’. When listening to it, it’s hard not to kid myself that I’m not wandering a beautiful beach somewhere in the tropics, watching the waves and sipping some fresh pineapple juice from the fruit with a straw.

Structures is one of those songs that you will listen to once and then maybe a few hours later, it will come back into your mind and then you just have to go back and listen to it again because it’s just that good!

I have been listening to this song pretty much none stop for the past two days and thought that it would be an appropriate choice for todays song of the day as this is pretty much my song for the day. It’s something I don’t think I will ever get tired of. I hope you enjoy it!


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