Artist of the Week: Departures


Welcome back once more to another artist of the week feature! This week KNEWYU would like to bring to you the fantastic Glaswegian band, Departures. Departures are most likely to be put into the vein of post-hardcore, and I can definitely say they’re doing that genre proud. I discovered the band recently when I heard them playing in my favourite record store. They instantly caught my attention, and I bought the record there and then (and I must say, what a beautiful looking record it is!)

The record I bought, Death Touches Us, From The Moment We Begin To Love, is a masterpiece showcasing the band’s musical talents. Granted, they’re not for everyone, with the harsh, raspy vocal style being something you have to either already enjoy or get used to. However, these vocals just add to the feel of their music, bringing a powerful, emotive force to their beautifully complex, uplifting melodies. I’ve hardly stopped listening to them this month, and if you enjoy them, definitely listen to the full album, there’s no way you could be disappointed. For now, here’s 1994  and Broken

Be sure to check back next week for another artist that’s been catching the team’s ears!

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