GRWM: The 1975 Concert & Behind The Scenes Vlog

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Hey Everyone! It’s Nadine.

This video is quite special to me for many reasons, the most important and the most exciting reason is found in the title… The 1975!

The guys have been my favourite band for years now so I would have to say it was one of the biggest highlights of 2016 to be able to go to their concert. I had the opportunity to go in February last year (Wow, it’s so weird to say last year now) but circumstances didn’t allow. I was so gutted but now I believe that it was the best thing that could have happened! They were playing near my hometown but they didn’t have their full set. When it came time for me to decided if I was going to go at all, they did and it looked AMAZING! They also invited special guest, The Japanese House which was awesome.

The played at their home, the Manchester Arena. I was sooo far away from my guys (which was sooo upsetting because it was just like watching it on YouTube but louder and with better quality), but I’m just so hyped that I got to be there, and Matty said that it was their favourite show and that he loved us. Ahh. *Insert heart eyes emoji here*.

Anyway, I digress. This video is so fun and exciting. I filmed it the night before their concert straight after watching the guys win an award on the BBC Music awards. Needless to say, I was HYPED! This video is so funny and Shani and I had soo much fun – me mostly. I was excited, I was hyper, I was screaming, I was dancing. WARNING: THIS VIDEO IS NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART! If you guys want to see the crazy lady that I am when I’m hyper and excited, then please watch this video (Watch to the end as there’s a ton of bloopers for your viewing pleasure 😀 ).

Each time I watch this video, I remember how good I felt. I’m happy to share this side of my personality because what’s the point in not being real?

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From your friendly neighbourhood, Nadine

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