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I was able to land a great interview with the talented Mancunian trap producer AKAY, where he talks about his introduction to music, difficulties that come with producing, what producers he’s listening to and much more.

Knewyu: The first thing people usually want to know is how you got into music, when did you start and what influenced you?

AKAY: I started producing roughly a year ago now, but I have been playing drums for as long as I can remember, probably about when I was 6? I played loads of rock and heavier stuff which is quite funny as a lot of the stuff I’m into now is really chill, producing wise I’d say I am definitely influenced by drums which is quite obvious in a lot of my tracks.

K: I’m intrigued to know what equipment you use and if you have always used it or have you changed things up over time?

A: From day one I’ve been using a Macbook pro, headphones and just a midi keyboard, I like to keep it simple.

K: What hardships have you faced as a producer and how did you overcome them?

A: For me something that i struggle with would probably be getting over writers/producer block. Every now and again i stumble into this mindset where it just holds me back from doing anything productive, however usually I come out of this with a track i am really proud of!

K: Did you ever sit down and say to yourself I’m going to make this kind of music or did it take some experimenting? If so, what genres have you worked with?

I wouldn’t say so, I think I kind of just fell into making trap/future beats, it’s just the music that I really enjoy, every time I’ve tried to say I am going to make a certain genre it never works out so I just let my creativity flow. I have tried to make a few house things but nothing I’m super proud of (laughs) for now it’s chill music and the occasional hard hitting trap!

K: Where would you like to see your music take you?

A: As far as I can imagine, I would love to travel the world because my music has taken me there

K: Name a few current/past producers you like the sound of and why?

A: Ekali is 100% my favourite producer of all time (laughs), I love the way he does everything, Gravez is also really good I love his OG trap sound that he has, recently I’ve been getting into Krs. and I really like his take on dancehall drums, there is a crazy amount of good producers nowadays it’s really nice to see.

K: What do you look for in other artists when wanting to collaborate? Has a collaboration ever ended badly?

A: Hmm I always look for creativity, I really don’t like it when another artist sends me something expecting me to finish the whole song, on occasion its gone well and I have actually liked what they sent me, but most of the time it can get quite annoying. I don’t think I’ve ever ended a collab on a bad note, I’d like to think that I’m a nice guy (laughs). Usually collabs are with friends so it’s always easy to say when you don’t like something because you know they will understand.

K: How did you promote your music and get your 3000+ followers on Soundcloud? As I know getting out there can be difficult. 

A: Just been grinding it out haha, wouldn’t be where I am (although it’s not a massive achievement) without my friends, so definitely make connections!

K: Do you have any current or upcoming EPs, albums or shows we should be on the lookout for?

A: I don’t plan to release an EP anytime soon because I really want to mature my sound first, for shows I’ll be playing a few around the Manchester, UK area, so keep on a look out!

K: Lastly, who in particular would you like to thank for supporting you and your music?

A: Everyone from the THV crew, everyone from the Rare Conspiracy crew and my new friends at Flow theory, everyone in these collectives are making big movements and are some of the most creative people I’ve met.


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