University Study Tips For Undergraduates


Tips & Essential Items

Going to university can be exciting and fun as you meet new people and major in a subject that you hope will find you a career in the field. However, I’m going to write about the obstacles you will most likely face and how to tackle them. My post is especially aimed at first-time undergraduates as there is very little that can prepare them for the stresses and workload they will have. Once you have completed your first year or degree altogether you should already be aware of what you need to do in order to succeed; therefore, these tips I am about to give should already be in practice.

Here’s my list of tips and essential items:

  1. Invest in a laptop (If you do not own one already). 
  2. Buy an external hard drive AND a USB stick.
  3. Download a to-do list on your and computer such as Wunderlist. 
  4. Set your own deadlines for your assignment a week before it’s due. Aim to have it done and finalised at least two days before submission (This gives you time to check over your work and show your lecturer your final piece which they can help you improve).
  5. Head to the Library after a lecture for a couple of hours to progress with your work. If you know you’re going to get caught in rush hour traffic, it is always better to kill time studying rather than sitting in traffic looking at it!
  6. When working; do so for at least 30-45 minutes, take a 15 minute break then start again, do this in two hour sessions. It is also helpful to set yourself a word count target to reach in the allotted time. (I, myself find it very hard to concentrate on one thing for a long time as I’m a master at procrastinating).
  7. If you have work for multiple modules at once, dedicate a few hours of studying a day to each one.
  8. Drink lots of water and sleep, it boosts your mental performance and don’t wait till your eyes are getting heavy before you decide to sleep.
  9. I know some of you love the parties and the drinks and I’m sure you’ll be doing that in your first week in uni to which I say enjoy yourself but keep it to a minimum throughout your course, that’s not what university is about and it will start to hinder your work if it becomes a habit.
  10. Go to study rooms with friends on your course, if they are also bad at keeping up with the work load you should work together as you may be able to help each other; what you may understand your friend may not and vice versa.

I hope that this list will aid you in your studies and reduce the stress that comes with studying at a higher level. Remember to exhaust all of your University’s resources as you are paying thousands to be awarded with the best grades you can achieve in your degree.

Feel free to comment on what has helped you get through University if you think I have missed important tips. Good luck fellow students!


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