Forbidden Forest Festival

Festival Tips

Attending any kind of festival is a great and fun experience that we all should do at least once. Back in May I went to my first ever music festival, Forbidden Forestand the first thing I will say is that it was unique and beautifully decorated which set it apart from a lot of other festivals, with its intimate setting. It isn’t a run of the mill festival held in a muddy field, it’s amongst trees, bringing music and nature together. The beauty of the decorations came out even more at night with the dim and colourful lighting making it cosy. When I attended there were 3 different stages that were taken over by some of the biggest names in the UK electronic music scene, such as DJ Q, SKREAM, Flava D, My Nu Leng and many more. The music varied so whenever I wasn’t feeling anything I was able to go and check out another stage.

All in all the atmosphere was great, there was no trouble and even spoke to a couple of nice festival goers. It was definitely a memorable experience, there were a few vendors offering services such as face painting and Shisha; which my friend and I decided to try grape flavoured tobacco out of curiosity.

Forbidden Forest wallpaper

Here are a few tips I recommend if you do ever decide to attend Forbidden Forest:


  1. Carry a reasonable amount of cash, food and drinks are pricey. ATM’s are usually available but do charge you for withdrawal. 
  2. Load up on water. 
  3. You could take a light change of clothes but most importantly wear something comfortable on the day; no one will care what you are wearing as it’s not a fashion event, you could be there for up to 10 hours so comfort is vital.
  4. Lastly, travel safely and enjoy yourself!

Forbidden Forest is located in Donnington Park, Derby, so If you reside in the midlands love loud music such as bassline, the odd grime act or electronic music in general it is definitely worth checking out. Final release tickets for the event are affordable, however if you keep an eye on their website for their next upcoming dates which could be around Spring next year you could grab yourself tickets for half the price.



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