Matt Corby Gig & Review

Telluric Album Tour

A few of my friends and I went to see Matt Corby live when he came in March to present his latest album, Telluric.

I have liked Matt Corby for years and first came across his music when I randomly stumbled across this wedding video on Vimeo. The song, Resolution was featured and I couldn’t resist his powerful and emotive vocals.

When I found out that he was coming to Birmingham, let alone England, I immediately passed the information to my good friend who is also a massive fan. We both coordinated and bought tickets only for me to find out that Matt’s management had put me on the guest list after the interview I was supposed to do with him got cancelled. (The +1 tickets made up for it though 🙂 ).

It was a great night and we converted some of my friends who wouldn’t originally listen to his music which gave us all the more excuse and opportunity to constantly discuss his music even weeks after the gig.

I hope you enjoy this video and the little rambling that I did at the end.

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From Nadine


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