How To Dress More Like YOU

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Hi everyone! Welcome back to another blog post. In today’s post I decided to advise you on how to dress more like you!

Today, me and my cousin (Nadine) were discussing our wardrobe choices and why/how we made the decisions on what we wear. Nadine’s wardrobe is filled with black, white and grey clothing whereas mine has a bit of color but still mainly black and white. I never wear dresses or skirts unless it’s to an important event such as a wedding or Church where I have no other choice but to wear a dress.

Anyway, I decided that I would advise you guys on how to dress more like yourself. Here are a few tips:

DSC_01991. Wear what you want and not what others want you to wear. – within reason.

Nadine said to me once, “wear what makes you comfortable.” If you live basically in jeans or hoodies and it’s your signature style, then continue to wear it if it makes you comfortable. Don’t stop wearing it just because someone told you to or because they don’t like it. Only ever stop wearing what you’re wearing if you want to go through a wardrobe change which is perfectly fine. And obviously only change your style slightly to best fit your situation like if you’re going to a job interview then you clearly want to look sharp and smart (unless you dress sharp and smart anyway).

DSC_02082. Wear what suits you, don’t follow trends if it’s not your style.

Clothes fit best when it’s your style. So, if a new pair of trainers just came out and everyone’s wearing them but it’s not your style, then you don’t have to wear it and possibly spend over £60 for trainers that you don’t want to wear. If you don’t waste money on trends that you don’t like or isn’t your thing, then you’re saving money for clothing/accessories that are your thing!

DSC_02103. Just because it’s expensive, doesn’t mean it’s the best.

The most expensive clothing or accessories aren’t always the best ones. This is because most expensive things aren’t even the best quality and you’re basically just paying for the name (If it’s designer). You don’t always have to pay over £50 for a pair of trainers just because it’s Nike or Adidas, trainers that are around £10 or £20 are also good quality (depending on what type it is).

DSC_01954. Confidence is the key to an outfit.

Plain and simply, if you’re not confident in what you’re wearing, then don’t wear it. Peer pressure is something a lot of people go through (especially teenagers). Teens, especially, talk each other into wearing certain things so that they fit into the popular crowd. Like wearing short dresses that barely cover up anything or wearing extremely high heels so that you’re an extra 3 ft taller than your normal size. If you don’t want to wear something or you’re not confident in wearing it, don’t force yourself to. Some people are confident wearing short shorts or dresses when going out but some people prefer jeans and hoodies. Just make sure that whatever you pick from your wardrobe and choose to wear, that you feel confident in it. Remember, “If you don’t feel confident in your outfit, chances are you and/or your outfit doesn’t look good.” – Nadine

DSC_02075. Be yourself

Most of this post is based on your style or if you’re comfortable wearing your outfit. But this one is just really simple. Be yourself. It’s self-explanatory. If it’s not you, then it’s not you. (Quoted by Shani – 2016 aha). You are beautiful in every way and your clothes is a way of expressing who you are. So if you’re going to express somebody elses looks then you’re not showing who you are. So be yourself and be amazing whilst doing it. 🙂


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