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Last year I won a competition that was run by my all time fave Charli Burrowes founder of Me Oh My Girl (You can read the interview we did with her here). I was supposed to get the Frends Layla which is a cute rose gold colour but when I recieved the package, I was delighted and VERY pleasantly surprised when I saw that it was Frends Taylor! It’s in my signature Silver and white which I LOVE, but not only that, it contains Swarovski Zirconia crystals and is limited edition!

I think I cried with joy inside when I opened it and my family and Charli didn’t hear the end of it because I was just so happy.

I live streamed an unboxing that I filmed with my brother over on Younow (Follow us here!) and did a try on and review and I have to say that it’s probably the best headphones that I have ever owned.

If you’re one of those folks, like me who commutes on the bus and you like to listen to the bass but are kind hearted and actually care about those around you who may be able to hear what your listening too because it’s so loud, then these are definitley the headphones for you. They’re noise cancelling, so if my brother is too loud on the phone 😀 then you can put these guys on and enjoy, and you can play your music as loud as you like on the bus and no one will give you annoyed looks because they can’t hear a thing.

Thank you to my beautiful white rabbit of an Instagram friend Charli for these beautiful headphones!

Enjoy the photos!




DSCN0014 copy




DSCN0016 copy


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