Song Of The Day by DJ Hazard (Drum & Bass)

“Hold It” – DJ Hazard 

As a native of Birmingham, It would be rude to kick off the drum & bass Song of The Day and not mention Brummie DJ and Producer, DJ Hazard. I’ve been an avid listener of drum & bass since I was about 5 or 6. Back in the day, to get the latest mixes I’d travel to Tempest Records with my mother, she’d cop mixes by Nicky Blackmarket, Andy C, DJ Brockie, Accelerated Culture, Bad Company and way more. If you’re fan of d&b these names will be familiar to you, if not, go and check them out.

“Hold It” is a song I just had to pick to share with you, it probably isn’t his biggest song but it definitely is a memorable classic. Hazard has always had unique sound, you just could tell when a song was produced by the man himself. He may or not be for you but I do know a lot of people are for him. Scroll down to listen to “Hold It”

A tune most likely regarded as his biggest is “Machete” which has been featured on plenty drum & bass compilation albums you can find on iTunes. Another tune I favour and that you should check out is “Ninja Technique”. For the UK readers if you’re a fan or you’re interested in seeing DJ Hazard live, you’re in luck. You will be able to catch him at the Let Loose Festival on the 10th September at the Warwick Racecourse, Warwickshire. 1st release tickets have already sold out, so go and grab yourself a ticket for £25 and Let Loose. 


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