Song of The Day By Weirddough

Saul G

If anybody knows me, they will know that Weirddough is one of my FAVOURITE producers EVER! And if you know me even better than that, you will know that ‘Saul G’ is my most favourite song EVER. It is my most listened song as I pretty much play it every day…. several times. Ok, a little more than several.

Anyway, I came across Weirddough many years ago when I watching clothesencounters (A cool YouTube channel). I then bought all his albums and have been listening to him ever since.

As I was looking through his song collection, I realised that there was an album listed on Pragmatic Theory that I hadn’t yet heard or purchased. I immediately bought it and quickly moved three songs into my top playlist. The song that I fell in love with though is none other than, Saul G.

There is something about this song that just makes me so happy. It has a really joyful sound to it. You can dance, you can relax, you can spend time analysing all the different instruments, or you can switch off and enjoy the music. This song is what I call my ‘Happy Song’. Whenever I’m happy, this song is playing. Whenever I’m feeling a little down and want to lift my mood, this song is playing. My Mum now sings along to it because she hears me listening to it soo much.

So, I’m sharing my happy song with you all today in hopes that it brightens your day for the few minutes that it’s on (unless you’re like me and repeat it over and over again).


Saul G, by Pragmatic Theory

Saul G by Pragmatic Theory, released 21 May 2013


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