A Day In The Life of a Le Keux Intern

First Day At Work. Le Keux Vintage Salon

DSC_0984I first came across Le Keux almost 5 years ago when I was wondering around The Custard Factory with my friend Danielle after a few weeks of starting our fashion course at college.

We just saw cute pastel pinks and blues and knew that we had to go in! I’m so glad we did.

After that day, I started to become really interest in retro and vintage. I felt like I had finally found my place.

Thanks to Le Keux I have a new found appreciation for cassette tapes, I own a lot of vinyl records complete with a record player (obivously), and I sew myself A LOT of 50s inspired circle skirts.

DSC_0978About two years ago I plucked up the courage to email Lynsey Le Keux to ask to do an interview with her for my then blog, Street Meets Style which she quickly responded back by saying she would be delighted.

The original plan was to go into the salon to interview her, but as she is a busy woman, we ended up doing it over email (much to my relief as I would have been sooo nervous! When you’ve been following someones company for so long, it’s a bit overwhelming to be invited to meet them in person.)

You can read her interview over at Knewyu Forever by clicking here.

A few weeks ago, I decided to send Lynsey another email asking if there were any opportunities for meto do an internship with her, and I guess this is where my story begins!

I had an interview with her which the most exciting thing ever (and I wasn’t too startstruck haha) and a week later I was attending my induction which I filmed for you all!


I was greeted with a pepper mint tea in this cute set.



I had a meeting with Lynsey, and got shown the ropes by the other Le Keux Staff members.




The store/salon has changed quite a bit over 4 years to say the least!

I hope you enjoy this vlog.

I am going to make it a weekly thing to share what I do at Le Keux. If you enjoy these types of posts and videos, then make sure to leave a comment, like, subscribe and follow Knewyu and Le Keux Vintage as there is just so much more to come!!

From Nadine



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