Song of The Day By Dusky [House]

Skin Deep

Hi KnewYu readers, I’m Cheyenne Zhané and I am pleased to have joined the team as Music Journalist. I listen to a wide range of genres and you’ll be seeing me write all about them when it comes to Song of The Day, I like introducing others as well as myself to new artists and genres, you’ll be hearing classics, modern and everything in between. So let’s start the first round of house music!

Now onto the song of the day!

Dusky are a Birtish duo from London who have been active since 2011 and arguably one of the UK’s most popular house act.

Let’s get talking about the track and what makes them so good. There is no doubt that this song is simple but sometimes simple is just best. Most if not all house songs I’ve listened to, the producers have to fit a vocal sample in there somewhere. As simple as it may be,  in my opinion it always adds emotion to the tracks every time, especially combined with the strings you will hear from the beginning and throughout making it a tender song.


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