Knewyu Interviews CRT

Music Producer

CRT is a young and talented Wolverhampton born producer who makes hip-hop with a chilled r&b twist. In the interview we speak about his beginnings in music, projects and he shares tips you can apply to your own work.


KNEWYU: Tell us about  your introduction into music production?

CRT: I started getting into music when I was in school as a lot of people did,  but it was after I finished college that I decided it was something I wanted to take more seriously. I had an idea of the sound I wanted to create so I spent a lot of time learning and experimenting in order to achieve that. I’ve always enjoyed a wide range of music so I try to incorporate parts of everything I like with my own twist. That way it’s always an enjoyable process!

K: What are the biggest projects you’ve worked on And are there any current or future material we should look out for?

C: I try to look at my next project as the biggest because I feel like once I’ve released something, I can see what I did right with it and what can be improved for next time, but once it’s out you just have to let it live. My next EP is called ‘In The AM’ and will be out very soon and I also have a few collaborations in the process so more EP’s will be following this one.

k: What would you like to achieve from your music that you haven’t already?

C: I’d definitely like to explore more of the visual side of the industry and start to bring that together with my future projects. I think sharing the music alone and seeing how people take it in will always be great for me  but I still feel that there’s more to build on top on that. A lot of my inspiration comes from outside of my own field so I’d love to share that with people whether it’s through photography, art, fashion or anything along those lines.

K: What is a typical day like in the life of CRT?

C: I’ve never been a morning person but I usually try to prioritise any important projects, whether that’s music or media work, and deal with those first. Then I usually spend some time getting little beat ideas down or going back to previous ideas and working on those. I do a little bit of surfing on Soundcloud, YouTube and Spotify too for some inspiration. A Soulection mix usually gets played at some point in the day too!

K: Can you talk us through the equipment you use?

C: My equipment is and has always been pretty simple. I use an 21.5 inch iMac, an M Audio Oxygen 49 midi keyboard, RCF Ayra 5 monitor speakers and a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 interface. Before I had these speakers, I used KRK headphones for a few years so adjusting to speakers took me a few months but going between the two definitely helps get a better sound for me. Logic 9 is the program I use as I prefer it to the latest version.

K: How did you promote yourself and meet other musicians?

C: Soundcloud has definitely played a huge part for me. I’ve been able to connect with so with many great producers, artists, DJs, labels etc. over the last few years that have enabled me to grow more and more into the style I push today. The support has been so unreal and to know that it’s global is still crazy to me. I try to upload at least one track each month to my own page as well as releasing tracks with other producers and artists. Sometimes they’re just little previews so my listeners can hear what I was thinking at that particular time and sometimes it’s full tracks or remixes. That way, everything has just grown pretty organically for me and I’ve been able to make real connections with other creators and the listeners too. I think now it’s easier than ever to collaborate with others and it can be really beneficial to keeping your own ideas flowing too.

K: If you could work with any artist and/or producer, who would it be and why?

C: Right now I’d love to work with Bryson Tiller. His sound and visuals are both on point so I feel like it would be a real good piece of work! As for production, Ryan Leslie has always been raising the bar with his R&B beats, so I think I’d learn a heck of a lot if we collaborated. I’m a big fan of Metro Boomin’s beats too though!

k: What tips can you give to an aspiring producer?

C: The first tip I could give would be to break down as much music as possible, no matter what genre, and learn how it’s pieced together to make it work best. You’ll learn how each layer plays its part to the track and be able to apply it to your own music in a unique way. Secondly, just experiment as much as possible and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. It’s all part of learning and growing and will only have a positive outcome in the end. And finally, enjoy what your creating! You don’t have to make something you don’t enjoy to try to fit what might be current so create your own lane if you need to!
Be sure to keep an eye out for his EP “In The AM”


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