Knewyu Interviews Vanessa Forero


Vanessa Forero is a stunningly beautiful.. wait for it…. British/Columbian Indie/Folk singer and songwriter based in Yorkshire.

We spoke to Vanessa about her exciting new EP, her fashion inspirations and advice she has for aspiring artists/musicians.


Knewyu: How did you get into music? Do you come from a musical family?

Vanessa: I learnt to play music at the same time I learnt to talk so I didn’t really “get into music”, it was just always a part of me before I could even choose it. My Dad’s side is very musical, being Yorkshire we have a lot of brass players but my Dad was the pianist/organist though. I loved hearing him practice Debussy, Percy Whitlock and Grieg out of them all because you can’t help invent little stories in your head when you hear such descriptive compositions. Those classical guys are a big inspiration to me.

K: If you could sing or write a song with any artist/producer etc. of your choice, who would you choose and why?

V: Anyone that’s outside of the box really or who has different skills to me, like the Alt-J guys, Jon Hopkins, or Colombia’s own folk legend Toto La Momposina and her earthy drumming circle.


K: You have such a unique and beautiful fashion style! How would you describe your personal style in three words, who are your favourite designers and what is your go-to stage/performance outfit?

V: Why thank you! I have no idea about style, I never buy magazines or follow fashion, I just love feathers and fabrics that have something to say. I go to charity shops a lot to find fabrics I like, then I go to Stitch Express and get the giggley ladies to alter them somehow. My style in three words? Tribal, bold, Vanessa’y.

K: What is a normal day like in the life of Vanessa?

V: I wake up late because I work late into the night – music brews best for me in the early hours. Once I’m up, I have a relaxed few hours having breakfast, staring at the sky with Miguel the cat, going for a walk, exploring or pottering about, and all this is my ‘stocking up’ time to help me get ready and relaxed to deliver some musical babies! And that usually comes when offices and distractions are closed. I try write something everyday, sometimes nothing comes out, sometimes 3 songs come out, I try take a long-term view of things when I have the slow days. I usually finish about 3am then do it all again and forget to socialise or have regular meal times and can risk losing touch with reality. Must work on that.

Final Cover_from-the-uproar-itunes

K: Tell us about your new EP, ‘From The Uproar‘ How long have you been working on it and what does it feel like to have it finally available for people to buy and hear?

V: The songs go back way before I ever considered making an EP, they were just songs I needed to write – therapy maybe! So in that sense I’ve been working on it for 2-3 years. I produced my selected songs for the EP in about 2-3 months though. It’s a huge thrill to have people listen, especially if they enjoy it, that’s the part that makes music making complete. Music is satisfied when it’s been listened to.

K: What has been your favourite career memory or achievement that you have had so far?

V: Tough one! There’s lots. I think it was the evening after I’d recorded my final BV parts to ‘Heaven Knows’ – the 1st recorded song. I’d done a rough mix to hear how all the parts danced together and I remember sitting back with my head in my hands going, “How did this happen? I’m singing on a record? Me! The keys player girl! And what is this musical genre anyway?!” and it got me remembering the journey and the people that helped get me to that point. It was a very beautiful moment where I realised I didn’t need any of the glitz and industry success, because that moment was all the personal success I needed. Everything else would be a distraction, this was what it was all about.


K: What do you want listeners to take away from your music?

V: Humanity. Authenticity. Playfulness. Feeling welcomed home.

K: What tips can you give an aspiring singer/songwriter?

V: Write only the music you can write.

Thank you Vanessa!



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