Knewyu Interviews Free Sun Rising


Free Sun Rising are a Rock band based in good old Birmingham.

We spoke to lead singer of the band, Gavin to find out more about the band, how they met and there favourite experiences.


Knewyu: What are your names, where are you from and role do you have in the band?
Gavin: Hi Nadine.
Gavin Leach from Birmingham – Vocals
Michael O’nions from Birmingham -Guitar
Cory Mangan from Birmingham – Drums
Steve Goodwin from Wolverhampton – Bass
K: How did you all meet?
G: Well myself and our guitarist Michael O’nions have been mates since school and have been in and out of bands over the years. After a gap we decided we wanted to do it again so we advertised for a drummer. Cory Mangan who is our drummer got in touch and we went to the local studio for a jam started with some covers but very quickly started writing our own stuff. We had a few bass players but didn’t really gel to be honest so just by chance I went to sing for a covers group and kind of poached their bass player Steve Goodwin. Straight away it all just clicked and free Sun Rising was born.
K: How did you get into music? How long have you all been a band?
G: We’ve been together about 2 years now we started gigging on 2014 which has taken off straight away with us headlining at Birmingham Rocks festival and a few shows now under our belt at Birmingham O2 Academy. We’ve all been heavily into music whether it’s being influenced from a young age by parents or growing up listening to our first bands that we’ve just connected with. We’ve all played in bands along the way so that’s helped when we got together that everyone was pretty much of a good standard which has reflected in the music we make.
K: What is a normal day in the lives of FSR? What is a normal recording session like?
G: We don’t have normal days in this band there’s always something that tests us hahah. Recording normally is just a few takes of us as we’ve just gelled so well that were a good tight band. We love recording trying to capture what we have its always good listening back to something you don’t get to hear a lot as we’re the ones playing the tunes. It gives us an audiences perspective.
K: I like to ask musicians/artists a fashion question as I’m interested in how they view the relationship of music and fashion. So, what would you say is your go-to stage/performance outfit? Do you have any favourite brands or designers?
G: Fashion isn’t high on our list to be honest. We’re definitely a jeans and tshirt band it’s just about the music for us. We’re sure there’s bands out there that like to put on their favourite brands but at the end of the day people are there to hear what you got.
K: What has been the highlight of your musical career so far?
G: Our highlights have been playing the O2,headlining a festival,our music being played out in Canada plus a review over there. We’ve been on local TV with Johnny doom from Kerrang radio and various podcasts and online radio. The whole journey so far is a highlight in its self.
K: What does music mean to you and what do you want people to take away from listening to your songs?
G: Music is the one thing that we’re all equally passionate about,its what we love to do whether we’re rehearsing,writing or playing nothing beats it.

Our music doesn’t have a specific message we just know that we’ve got a great set of songs that we want as many people as possible to hear. There’s just so much manufactured rubbish out there that real bands that are out playing their own music  every weekend need to be given a chance. This country is crying out for a band to save it from all that and we’re well up for it.
K: What tips can you give to aspiring artists/musicians?
G: Just have fun with it make your sound your own and know what works for you. It’s so easy to play like your favourite guitarist or mimic someone’s voice.  Find your own style and go for it. We’re still just starting out compared to most of the bands we play with but we’ve had nothing but positive reviews because we know who we are and believe in what we do.
Thanks from all of us at Free Sun Rising.
Thanks Gavin and thanks Free Sun Rising!


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