Knewyu Interviews Lara Carvajal


We found this fantastic illustrator/graphic designer on Instagram (surprise, surprise) and immediately had to get into contact with this wonder woman to find out more about her work, and of course the lady behind the Instagram user name, laramimiau and in this interview, we do exactly that.

If you want to find out about Lara’s inspiration for her art, her favourite fashion designers, illustrators and her tips on starting up your own business, then keep reading!


Knewyu: When did you start getting into fashion and graphic design?
Lara: I got into fashion and graphic design when I started my studies in design. The first two years of my degree involved everything but fashion: anthropology, photography, graphic design and many other disciplines that helped me to approach fashion in a more open-minded way. It made me see that fashion is not just ‘fashion’, fashion is art, culture, people, ways of thinking, it’s many things at the same time. So this was when I really got into fashion and graphic design, but I’ve always had a curiosity and a kind of restlessness about it, since I was a child.
K: I love your art! I think it looks a bit like pop art, but still really fun. How would you describe your art style and personal fashion?
L: Thank you! I think it has some kind of reminiscence of pop art too. I’d say my art style is colorful and dashing. It’s fun and expressive. The colors I use normally represent the characters personality, their soul and depth. As my personal fashion I usually have a comfortable style, a bit 90s driven. I focus on cut and silhouette. Sneakers or a pair of chunky heels depending on the occasion, but I’m actually very eclectic so I don’t say ‘no’ to anything.
K: Who are some of your favourite artists/designers?
L: I enjoy the art of Jeff Koons very much, and as for designers, I absolutely love Jeremy Scott and Sruli Recht.
K: What is a typical working day like in the life of Lara?
L: It actually depends, I don’t have a fixed schedule so I have the freedom to plan my days in several different ways. But I usually dedicate the morning and part of the evening to the projects I’m currently working on and spend the rest of the day drawing. Sometimes I draw until 1 or 2am, I guess I feel more inspired when the sun goes down and I just can’t stop till I realize I’m just gonna sleep 5 hours…

K: Can you break down the steps that you took to starting your own business?

L: When I finished my studies I wasn’t sure about what path should I take from that point on. I hadn’t found anything that made me truly happy and I knew I was missing something. Things got clear when I realized that I needed to do something I really love and turn that into my business. So I started taking illustration seriously. I drew, drew and drew, post in social media and it got to a point that art became a 24/7 work that honestly fulfills me.
K: How do you think fashion and music influence art, trends and culture?
L: I think all of them are connected, they interact between them and they feed one another. With fashion comes trends, art and music leave a mark and make culture, culture affects music and art, art impact on fashion. It’s all about a circle, a kind of loop that fluctuates through time. They need one another to survive.
K: If you could collaborate with anyone ever to create your “dream” project, who would it be and why?
L: Collaborating with Jeremy Scott and Moschino would be definitely amazing. I’ve always love them separately, but together they are simply explosive.
K: What tips can you give to an aspiring illustrator?
L: Work, work, work! The key is being constant (as in many things in life!) so just keep going no matter what. Post in social media (God bless the internet!), go to local markets… Move yourself!
Thanks Lara for being a huge inspiration!


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