Knewyu Interviews Hein Cooper


Hein Cooper is an Australian singer songwriter based in Sydney. He is currently on a European tour promoting his latest project, The Art of Escape.

We spoke to Hein about his musical background and how he’s enjoying life on tour.


Knewyu: How did you get into music? Do you have a musical family?

Hein: I was friends with a guy in highschool who bought a guitar, so I also bought one and loved it. He ended up stopping, I continued…

My grandmother was a famous Australian opera singer.

K: I like to ask a fashion question in my interviews as I’m interested in hearing what artists/musicians think of it so, what would you say is your “go-to” stage/performance outfit and who are some of your favourite designers?

H: Good pair of Levis jeans, otherwise I don’t take it too seriously

K: What is your writing process like and where do you get inspiration for your songs?

H: You always write the music first and then attach meaning through lyrics. Life is the inspiration…

K: What is a normal day like in the life of Hein?

H: At he moment I’m on an intense tour of Europe. A lot of driving, good times… Life feels like a huge journey.


K: I have been a fan of Tora for years now and noticed that they did a remix of your song Art of Escape when I watched their tour video. How did that “collaboration” come about and how did you meet the guys?

H: We were introduced through our record label in Canada, we instantly gelled and I love their music.

K: You’re doing a UK tour at the moment. That must be exciting! What do you think of England? Do you have any tour survival tips?

H: England is really beautiful and a good kind of crazy. Load of people are on a GAP YAH!

K: What would you like listeners to take away from your music?

H: I’d like them to feel closer to themselves.

K: What tips can you give to an aspiring singer/songwriter?

H: Play music because you love music, don’t worry about the money.

Thanks Hein.


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