Knewyu Interviews George Alex Hamilton


George Hamilton is a singer/songwriter born and raised in Birmingham UK.

We got in touch with him to find out more about his Gospel music and kickstarter project. Find out more about it in his interview below.


Knewyu: How did you get into music? Do you have a musical family?

George: You could ask how did music get into me. From being woken up early in the mornings by my mom playing her wide range of records from reggae to gospel. Then later on becoming friends some of the DJs who lived near where I lived coming to play at the school discos. This led to me eventually becoming a DJ myself and touring with a sound outfit and building up my own collection of a wide range of music. My dad and uncles were in a band together, don’t ask me what they were called. I have early memories of my dads guitar being like the holy grail so to speak, touch it at your peril. 🙂

K: You make great gospel music and I’ve noticed that you’ve also launched a Kickstarter for your new musical project. Can you tell us about your new album? The beginning process and what you’re crowdfunding for?

G: Thank you. I’ve been writing and singing songs for quite a number of years now and the quantity of songs has become so large that I feel it’s past the time to get them out there. Some of my close friends and family have heard some of my songs and have been saying for years I should make a CD, so this is my launching out.

The CD is going to be a selection of some of what I would call me top drawer songs, which is a mixture of gospel, Accapella and I may even squeeze in some surprises.

The beginning process has been trying to narrow down the right blend of songs to appeal to a wide range of people. People who appreciate gospel music and those who may have never listened to it but may lean towards it more when they hear the CD.

The crowdfunding is to cover the costs of recording/production as in professional recording studio time, live musicians on certain tracks and a professional music engineer, producer, mastering and CD duplication. Although I write and can produce, it would take me even more years to be content with my work to put it out there. So I have commissioned the talents of a quality producer David aka (Duce) Smart, which I have had the privilege of working with in the past. We’re on the same page when it comes to quality and he has the skills and experience to get the level of perfection we both like to hear much easier quicker and better than I could :).

K: Do you have a particular process when it comes to writing songs? How do you get inspired?

G: That has varied throughout the years. I starred out by being really impressed by instrumental music that a guitarist friend of mine would play but he never had any words to the songs and prayerfully lyrics would come to my mind that sometimes were inspired by themes in the Bible or events that were happening around me or in the world. Other times I can have a melody come to my mind that just won’t leave me alone until I prayerfully get the lyrics to attach to it, this can even be in my sleep and can wake with it still on my mind and record it quickly. Yes my recorder is never too far from me 🙂


K: What is a normal day like in the life of George? What does a typical recording day look like?

G: Busy, I work for a church organisation which involves meeting a lot of people throughout the day. In my own time I juggle studying, cycling and when we do allocate time for recording, it can be full on. I’m talking of past recording projects where we can work late into the night but always make time to laugh enjoy the process, as we believe that the art should be encapsulated in an un-stressful environment as it can be stressful if things aren’t going as you planned. We don’t want that to come through on the recordings, not sure that kind of CD would get a lot of listeners 🙂

K: Who are some of your favourite artists and why?

That’s a tough question as I could give you a long list as I have an appreciation for a wide range of artists especially old school that offer so much to my listening pleasure. It also varies as I not only appreciate artists songs but the production and creative qualities of their work, even though I may not connect or agree with some of their lyrical content. The Winans, Commissioned, Bob Bailey, Kelly Willard, Andrae Crouch, Jahmene Douglas.

K: I enjoy asking fashion questions to artists (musicians) as I like to hear their views on the relationship between music and fashion so with that said, do you have any favourite fashion brands and designers and what is your go-to “performing” outfit?

G: I’m a suit kind a guy, I’m more into quality than in the name of the designer. I have brought suits from Moss Bros and some items from Next. I sing with a professional gospel choir (THGC) and we usually sing in black shirts, trousers and waistcoats which is quite comfortable and I like the high collar designer shirts we sometimes wear, all of which I think I would wear when doing solo performances.


K: What would you like listeners of your music to take away from it?

G: Be inspired to move in a positive direction in their life and have a positive outlook in many aspects of their life and take a look at faith/God in a way perhaps they may have never had before.

K: What tips can you give to an aspiring singer/songwriter/producer?

G: Be consistent and intentional, stop dreaming, waiting and searching for someone to sign you up. You hear of these people who say on these talent shows that this would mean the world to me if I win, and it would all end for them if they don’t go through. But making music should not be dependent on one individual or company. Make your own openings, record, perform, write and enjoy what you do and your confidence and belief in what you do will come through. You kind of sign yourself up, by promoting and sharing your work with a view that someone else will catch your passion and belief and appreciate of what you do.

Thank you so much!



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