Knewyu Skateboards: Nikita


Our fourth Skateboarding interview sees us talk to Nikita, a skateboarder from Russia.

Nikita shares his favourite skateboarding trips, music suggestions and tips for skateboarders all over!


Knewyu: What’s your name, age and where are you from?

Nikita: My name is Nikita and I’m 17 years old and I’m from Russia,Moscow.

K: When did you start getting into skateboarding?

N: I started skating when I was around 12 years old, so it’s already 5 years since I started skateboarding. At the beginning we had the local skatepark, and I still remember that day when I was passing near by and saw locals who did the dopest tricks, slides which I’ve never seen in my life. From that moment I realised that there’s nothing I want to do besides skateboarding.

Now skateboarding for me is more than skating on the piece of wood. Skateboarding is a way of life. If something is bad or I have problems at school, I’m not looking to solve those problems; just go to skate and everything will be ok. Moreover I really appreciate skateboarding because you should always work on yourself to get success. Nobody can help u to learn the trick which u have been watching on different contests or in skate video parts.


K: What are some of your favourite skateboard tricks or your favourite line?

N: I find some tricks really interesting such as bigspins, heelflips and my favorite trick on the ledges is tailslide. Each skater has a certain set of tricks which he is doing everyday.

K: What’s a typical day like in the life of Nikita?

N: So. I’m not a professional skateboarder and I cant spend my days on different skate trips around the world as almost every pro does, the whole year I’m studying, but tho I do have a few months in a year when I can go skating everyday. For example I had the best days in life as a real pro skateboarder. It was last summer when we had a trip to Barcelona, Spain. Every skateboarder know’s that Barcelona is the capital of skateboarding. Perfect skate spots are almost everywhere, and every skater must visit this place! We just woke up in 8 a.m, ate cereal, and went skating for the whole day. Those times were really amazing and I think that those are typical days of a skateboarder – just having breakfast and all day skating with your homies.


K: Who are your favourite skateboarders?

N: My favorite skateboarder is Sean Malto. He is a master of nollie tricks, he is doing all tricks perfectly and if u have never heard about him, just be sure to check out his name on YouTube and u will know what I mean.

K: Do you have a particular genre or artist/band that you enjoy listening to to get you in the “skating mood”?

N: There are 2 types of skaters in skateboarding world; those who prefer listening to rap music or those who prefer listening to punk music. I prefer listening to rap music when I’m skating, as for me it gives me motivation and energy to skate all day long with my bros.

I’m listening to Drake, Nas, A Tribe Called Quest , Mac Miller and Rick Ross.


K: So much has changed over the years in terms of skating, so, how do you think it will continue to evolve/change 5-10 years from now?

N: Almost everything has changed in the skateboarding scene since those good times. I remember that when I started skating, companies like Nike were only at the beginning of development, but now all skateboarding is only in their hands. I don’t really know if its good or not, but it has some advantages and disadvantages also.

Advantages are: they develop skateboarding and support skateboarders from all over the world. They support such big skateboarding contests like Street League and Tampa Pro. On the other hand; they destroy skateboarding. Their monopoly doesn’t let others develop skateboarding companies and that really sucks. Nowadays you can see that almost every kid in your local skatepark will be wearing Nike.

K: What tips can you give to any skateboarder that wants to start, improve or go pro?

N: About tips,I cant advice something meaningful but If you really love something, u will make it better and better and some day u will reach the success! Be sure to follow me in Instagram: ghetto_nick. Thanks for reading!

Thank you Nikita!



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