BKFST With Nadine Show #8

Jay l’Booth

Last weeks BKFST With Nadine show saw a lot of changes and a lot of great additions.

Claire Rapson did her first show as my new co-host. It was great and a lot of fun to know that I have someone there on a more “permanent” basis that I can talk too, feed off, and trust to assist me in making this show a great one for all of the BKFST With Nadine and Scratch Radio listeners.

Also, we had a great guest come in. One of my good friends, Jasmine aka Jay l’Booth.

Jasmine is such a hard working lady who balances a lot of projects (which kinda reminds me of someone…haha, me) so I was very interested to work out how she balances a full time uni course along side a growing business and a part time job, as well as her own musical pursuits.

Make sure to tune into BKFST With Nadine every Friday at 8:00am to 10:00am on live.scratchradio.co.uk to hear Claire and I share some great music, tips and established and upcoming artists.

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