The Chill Zone Ep. 7

Keith Kenniff – Portraits Pt. 2

I came across Keith Kenniff when I visited the online photography and videography portfolio of Theresa Fryer. She had added five of Keith’s (aka Helios) songs into a playlist that automatically starts as the website loads. The song that always played first was ‘Portraits Pt. 2’ and I always wondered “If part two is this amazing, I wonder what part one sounds like?” But it doesn’t really bother me much to find out as I can listen to this song all day long.

This song is the definition of ambient – merging nature sounds with electronic instruments. Keith gets the perfect balance in terms of the sounds as well as the length of the song which is a generous 6 minutes 7 seconds long. If you really want to take 5-6 minutes off from what you’re doing to relax for a little while, then this is the perfect song for you!

Keith is the type of artist/composer that you can listen to and a few years later, go back to it and still enjoy his music like it was the first time you ever heard it. I will never tire of listening to his instrumentals because like any great film/tv composer, you can create stories in your mind whilst listening to the songs. So every time I hear a Helios track, I can always create a new story in my head and just sit back and relax.

I hope you enjoy this track and find other songs by Keith that you enjoy too.


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