Knewyu Interviews Joe Perri


Joe Perri is a talented photographer based in LA. We at Knewyu really wanted to talk to Joe about his work after seeing a sneak peak of his world in an interview he and his brother (Dan) did with Urban Outfitters.

We fell in love with his work (as we love photography a lot at Knewyu) and was happy to have this opportunity given to us to interview Joe as well as share some of our favourite photos taken by him.

We asked Joe about his inspirations, his favourite projects and tips that he has for aspiring photographers. Enjoy!


Knewyu: What inspired your move to LA and how are you enjoying the lifestyle there?

Joe: I moved to LA for the sunshine and to be in a better environment to live and work. It’s been great ever since, California is a very inspiring place and I constantly can feel stimulated here.

K: Who/what inspires you personally and who/what inspires your work?

J: Music inspires both my personal and work life. It can put me in a certain place that draws me to certain feelings that help me create visuals. Unique light also inspires my work, I’m always chasing the sun to find it.


K: What do you want your fans/viewers of your work to take away from it?

J: To see the beauty in raw moments. Sometimes they aren’t always ‘pretty’ but they make you feel and that’s what I try to instill to people viewing my images.

K: What is a typical day in the life of Joe?

J: If I’m not shooting I’m usually at a local Coffee shop or my space sippin’ on a cold brew and getting some computer work done, then make it a point to exercise or skate around town. On a non work day I’m definitely nestled in the mountains wandering and disconnecting myself from the bustle of Los Angeles.


K: You’re so lucky you have a brother (Dan Perri) who can accompany you on your photoshoots to fix the hair of your models! Don’t ever take him for granted! 🙂 But with all that said, if you and Dan had the chance to work on a project together that didn’t involve hairdressing or photography, what would it be and why?

J: Thanks! Yes it’s definitely a blessing to live and work side by side with my brother. I think a project we’d both be stoked to work on aside from our main crafts is something involving wood work. Since living in Los Angeles we both have picked up a nack for building our own furniture and random stuff like that. I think once we find the time we’d definitely like to get our hands into a project where we can build something sustainable that we can enjoy together.

K: What has been your favourite project to work on or your favourite client to work with so far?

J: Tough one! Don’t think I have a favorite, they’ve all mostly had their good points, although a recent job I shot for St. Germain liqueur was surely a memorable one. It was my first commissioned job out of the country. I was flown to France with 3 days notice to photograph some farmers and the harvest of the elder flower in the French alps. I saw some beautiful parts of France that I had never seen, met some really intriguing  people, and are escargot for 2 days.


K: If you had the chance to work with any photographer dead or alive, who would you choose?

J: Juergen Teller has always been a huge inspiration. Id say him!

K: What tips can you give an aspiring photographer?

J: Be honest with yourself, follow your intuition, and always push yourself outside your comfort zone.


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