BKFST With Nadine Show #5


Last Friday’s show was so much fun and very informative. The whole show was about how to overcome our fears so that we can gain success and reach the goals and dreams that we  have for ourselves.

An important part about this topic is that it’s the goals that we have ourselves that’s the most important. Not the goals that somebody else has for us. And when I say this, I don’t mean like not doing your homework or your chores etc. because that’s not the goals you have for yourself. I mean the goals you make about your future. The goals you set to achieve something that you’ve always dreamed about.

I have quite a few goals for my life and a few goals for general stuff. These goals aren’t made for anyone but me because I’m the one who has the emotional attachment to them,. I’m the one that’s going to put in the time, effort and/or money into achieving it, and I’m the one who’s going to be happiest once I’ve achieved it.

Here are a few of my goals:

  • Learn to skateboard – It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while but was afraid because there aren’t enough females doing it. But if all girls get scared because they don’t see any others doing it, then we’re all contributing to the problem and need to overcome that fear so that more girls get the confidence they need to start.
  • Learn to surf – I’m useless in the water and I’m afraid of the ocean, so I need to overcome that fear. And what better way of doing that than learning to surf! I can then learn to appreciate all that God has made in the sea – and learning to skate will also help me with my balance.
  • Create a movie for Free-Light (my record label) – I want to create a movie that also has it”s own soundtrack so that I can live the dream of being a film composer for a second.

Those are a few of my goals and I will share the progress of those with you all because I want to show you that once you have a goal and set smart targets and daily tasks to get there, you will get there!

I had a special guest on this show. TAI is a rapper and singer/songwriter/producer in his own right. He has this dedication to music and hard work that is rare in a young person so I really appreciated being in the same room with him and feeding off his positivity.

To hear TAI talk about grime, how to make it in the music industry and hear his goals and how he’s overcome setbacks to gain success, listen to the show below.

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