BKFST With Nadine Show #3

Zero Wasters

My third BKFST With Nadine show is live on the BKFST With Nadine SoundCloud!

This show featured my friends, indie, punk-rock trio, Zero Wasters who gave us two acoustic performances and a very funny yet informative interview.

The whole show featured advice on how to be a pro at social media, in particular Instagram and tips on how to look after your voice as a singer and balance a full time university course alongside your personal projects and career.

You can listen to the show below and/or follow our SoundCloud here so you don’t miss any other shows.

Make sure to tune in on Friday at 8:00am to 10:00am on Scratch Radio to hear the next BKFST With Nadine show.

Also subscribe to us on YouTube to watch the show live streams and see the Zero Wasters performances and interviews.

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