The Chill Zone Ep. 6

Jordan Rakei – The Light

Today on The Chill Zone we have an all time favourite of mine.

Jordan Rakei has been one of my favourite producers and songwriters since the first time I heard ‘Franklin’s Room’ some years ago.

This morning on my radio show (BKFST With Nadine) my producer came in wearing a really bright shirt which contrasted heavily with the grey and rainy skies. I made sure to complement him for bringing the sunshine into the radio station which reminded me of this song, The Light.  And because it’s the chill zone and Jordan’s music is the definition of Chill – with a mix of soul and old school hip hop, I thought I would take the opportunity to bring some light onto my website.

The clouds are still grey outside, but I’m feeling good.

After listening to The Light again it reminded me that God said we are the light of this world. If you’re not religious, just think: If you make someone smile today or think a little bit more positively than usual, that’s bringing light into the world, and believe me, people around you will notice. It’s a mirror effect. You smile, we smile 🙂

Here are my favourite lyrics from the song:

“Darkness can’t survive within this lighter presence
Hold on to the moment like you truly meant to”

“Live today, if only for one moment
The light of your life is everywhere”

“This is the love we thought we never had”

“And I hope you see for what it is instead
All the pleasures in this same environment”

I hope you enjoy this song as much as I do. The music is so chill yet uplifting and full of positivity!

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