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Twentyfive & Thirty

Alexandra Rønde Thielke and Rasmus Veggerby are the brains behind the creative agency, Twentyfive & Thirty.

We came across them on Instagram (as usual. We can’t help the endless scrolling and double tapping!) and became very curious as to what 25 & 30 was and why their office seemed to move countries within every picture.

We contacted Rasmus to find out more about the traveling duo.

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Knewyu: What made you and Alexandrea decide to create Twentyfive & Thirty?

25 & 30: We used to work at a large advertising agency in Copenhagen where we worked as a team on many clients. We both had dreams of exploring the world and as much of the work was done on a laptop anyway we thought that we might as well do the work from anywhere and then travel and explore the world at the same time. So we started Twentyfive & Thirty.
K: If you could work with any client or work on any project, who/what would it be?
25 & 30: We are actually not very picky when it comes to clients as we think there are interesting projects with all types of companies. We believe that you can create great creative work for everyone no matter industry, size, or product. Sometimes it’s actually the companies/products that at first seem ‘boring’ that are the most fun to work with. What characterises the clients we’ve worked with so far is that they are adventurous and up for pushing the boundaries for their communication, which matches our way of working perfectly.
K: Who are some of your favourite artists/designers?
25 & 30: We don’t really follow or have favourite designers/artists – we tend to find our inspiration everywhere, on all kinds of medias and usually the projects we love is never made by only one person. There is so much great work out there and so many people who is experimenting with stuff that we think it would be a shame to only follow a few or get obsessed with only one creative mind. For us it would be a to narrow point of view.
K: What is a typical day like in the lives of Twentyfive & Thirty?
25 & 30: Because of the way we are structured (no defined address or working hours) our days vary quite a bit. We don’t differentiate weekends and weekdays but plan our time according to projects. This can mean sometimes working 24 hours a day, or sometimes just 2.
Right now we are living in Bali where a day can look like this: Get up and get some breakfast at our favourite cafe Crate, and then go for a morning surf. After that we usually do some work until lunch. Depending on the work load we either continue working or go exploring the island. In the evening we do crossfit, go for dinner, eat ice cream, and sleep.
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K: Describe your working environment in three words.

25 & 30:

  • Adventurous
  • Relaxed
  • Focused
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K: How do you think fashion and music influence art, trends and culture?
25 & 30: We think fashion and music is part of all art, trends and culture. All creative industies are hugely affected by each other and it’s impossible to say who starts a trend as it often is a mix of inspiration from all areas. But there is no doubt that music and fashion is very correlated and has a huge impact on popular trends and culture. We get a lot of inspiration from the music and fashion industry in our creative work, so in that way it gets transferred into other industries and then it all goes around in circles.

K: What would you say are the pros and cons of working freelance and/or running your own business?

25 & 30: The pro’s are that we are our own bosses. We can work when and where we want and that is truly the best thing we have ever tried. We can run projects just as we think they should be run and treat clients exactly the way we think is the best way. Also we get to invent our own values, principles and standards as a company, which gives a great satisfaction. Twentyfive & Thirty is the world’s smallest creative agency and we wan’t our clients to be met by the most professional, friendly, and creative environment they have ever tried.
The con’s are obviously that we can’t be sure to have enough work all year around, we don’t have as large a colleague base as in a larger office. If we are ill that means lost work = lost income. We might end up as poor old people as we don’t have the same pensions as large companies, but nah that won’t happen 🙂
K: What tips can you give to an aspiring creative business owner?


25 & 30:

  • Don’t sell out. In the beginning you are hungry for work and might be more prone to sell your services cheap. Don’t. Believe in what you have to offer and stick to your price. Your work isn’t less worth because you are a new company.
  • Plan your time. Time gets weird when you are a small company and you have a lot to do – also administrative stuff. Plan your time carefully so you spend your working hours right.
  • Talk to people. Everyone can be a new customer. You have to spread the word and the more people you talk to the larger your network gets.


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