BKFST With Nadine Show #2


My second radio show was probably the most exciting one I’ve done yet. That’s because I played live the interview that I did with Victoria before attending the last performance night of their tour in Birmingham.

They were so lovely and funny.

I also shared 5 fun tips of how to transition from Spring to Summer because for some reason, my mind is programmed to use the Spring season to prepare myself for my most favourite season, Summer.

Also I shared my famous #dontdoit and Things People Won’t Tell You But I Will, so if you want to hear those, make sure to listen to the show below!

Make sure to  share it with you friends and tune in next Friday on Scratch Radio at 8:00am to hear my third show.

I also put together a little video of my favourite parts of their show that night which you can watch below.

From Nadine


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