The Chill Zone Ep. 4

J1K – Blue

Todays episode of The Chill Zone features one of my newer additions to my iTunes, J1K.

As a youtuber (Very part time haha) I am always on the lookout for cool instrumentals or sweet songs with words that aren’t distracting the viewer from my video and I just happened to come across J1K. I don’t remember exactly how I found him – I think a few of his tracks where used in a YouTube video I watched, but all I remember is visiting his Soundcloud and seeing a link to his Bandcamp which is where I came across the song that I’m featuring today.

I think, almost every week I remind my Mum about my “happy song” by Weirddough which I might feature in The Chill Zone one day. My “happy song” is the song that I play either when I want to be happy, when I’m happy or when the sun’s out because I feel like it’s a very summery happy song. This song is my second “happy song” because I feel it just instantly lifts my mood and makes me want to relax but dance and just lie and smile. It’s also a very Summery happy song haha.

I hope you enjoy my second favourite song,

From Nadine


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