Mistakes Are There To Be Learned From

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Yesterday I saw a picture on Instagram that was talking about mistakes. At the bottom of the picture was a challenge. That challenge (or task) was to share a mistake that we’ve made and how we could learn from it.

I decided that I would share it in a blog post as I feel that it would be beneficial for everyone.

Personally I admit that I have made many mistakes. If I didn’t, that would mean that I was perfect and that I have everything in the world figured out.

One of the mistakes that I have made happened January last year when I went to Prague. I didn’t check how much it would cost for me to use an ATM machine or use my Debit card in stores which racked me up quite a nice bill when I got back to the UK.

I was upset about it for months and became very scared about using my card anywhere or even spending money.

I guess this is an easy mistake to make when you’re new to travelling by yourself, but I have learned from this mistake. It has helped me keep an eye on my spending habits and has also better prepared me for when I leave the country again. I know that I need to take out cash before hand so that when I land in the country I’m travelling too, I will have a set amount of spending money that I can easily monitor without getting into debt.

My mistake can help anyone reading this who is considering travelling to remember to check these things out.

Now, I want to present you with the same challenge. What’s one mistake that you’ve made and how can you learn from it so that you can avoid falling into a pattern?

I hope that this helps and that you don’t frown upon some of the silly things done in life, but you realise that it can help you to become better.

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