The Chill Zone (Ep. 3)

Weirddough – Toast

Today’s Chill Zone Episode features one of my favourite artists, Weirddough. I have featured him endlessly on this site sharing my favourite tunes and featuring his music in my YouTube videos. After a while, I was lucky enough to get an interview with the man himself which was very fun and exciting (You can read the interview here).

Weirddough aka Francis is literally the loop king. He creates great instrumentals with some featuring catchy vocals that I can’t help humming with a huge smile on my face.

The song I chose to share with you all is called, Toast. I mean, how cute is that name?! And toast is also a very cute song that reminds me of hot summer days, lying in the garden, dancing at a festival or hanging with my friends. Whatever the scenario, it will always remind me of hot summer days.

As it gets closer to summer, so does my playlist.

I hope this song brings a smile to your face and helps you to either relax or set the mood for a fun dance session.

From Nadine


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