Success. It’s About The Journey

Race To The Finish Line?

I was reading a few articles about success this morning and the thoughts that I was thinking while reading them inspired this blog post.

I know that it’s not fun being stuck where you are; especially when you have an amazing end goal that you are excited to reach, but it really helping? Only thinking towards the future and dislike the past and/or your present situation? I don’t think it is.

This is probably why so many people are unhappy because they no where they want to be, but forget that it’s a journey and a process. There will never be nothing to learn, there’s always scope for you to improve. Once one goal is reached, there will be another for you to pursue straight after. Just like buying that next thing isn’t going to “cure” your lack of happiness as there will always be something else to buy after.

This is something that I am learning as I have so many big ideas and plans that I want to see developed into action, but sometimes I get discouraged because it seems like every baby step or large leap still leaves me miles from my destination. Sometimes I can wear myself out by constantly piling more tasks on top of the other just so it feels like I’ve done something or that I’m moving closer. I wouldn’t recommend doing this as it may work in the short term, but after a while it stops working. (I will do a blog post on this topic soon.)

I think that it’s good for us to appreciate where we are. Appreciate life as it is because nothing is perfect, and nor are we. Yes, strive to be better, always, but don’t waste your precious time wishing you had more or that you can just reach the finish line without putting in the work. It’s about the journey as that’s where you learn the most. That’s where you improve. That’s where you push yourself and become a better person. It’s the journey that’s the most precious.

Yes, some days are going to be rough, and others you will want to give up. But that’s the beauty of the journey. When you achieve your goals, you can look back and say ‘I overcame!’

And just as a reminder when you’re on the road and/or want to listen to a good tune, here’s a song by one of my faves, Tom Misch called ‘The Journey’.


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