Introducing Knew Yu’s First Contributor!

Shanya Jeffers

Nadine: You recently joined the Knew Yu Team as our first ever contributor! What are you excited for the most?

Shanya: First of all I am most excited about the fact that I am the first ever contributor to the Knew Yu Team, I am very honored that I will be able to support a good friend of mine, Nadine Hamilton, in her journey as a blogger too! Furthermore, being a contributor will allow me to share my thoughts and views with more viewers and a wider variety of people will be able to read my posts and hopefully be inspired and encouraged.

N: I know that you have your own blog which I think is pretty cool and you upload a lot of interesting articles. Are you comfortable with sharing your thoughts and feelings online?

S: Thankyou 🙂 At first I did not feel that comfortable with sharing my thoughts and feelings online as my blog is mainly focused around my condition (Endometriosis), I was not sure how people would take it and I felt a slightly embarrassed when writing about my illness. However, as I continued to share more about my illness and encourage those with Endometriosis or similar ilnesses, I began to build more self confidence and I used this to embrace my thoughts and feelings online and realised that it is very important to express yourself through your talents and I believe my talent is through blogposting.

N: What is your dream job and where do you see yourself in the future?

S: My dream job is to become a probation officer. For so many years I have wanted to go into the field of criminology as it is something I have been passionate about from a young age, just like blogposting. Many people have tried to discourage me from becoming a probation officer but the people close to me have always encouraged me to aspire to become a probation officer and to keep myself focused on my goals despite the negativity from others. In my opinion, if I am going to be helping others by rehabilitating them then that is the most important part of the job, not the money or anything else which is for my own benefit.

N: What is a typical day like in the life of Shanya?

S: A typical day in my life consists of going to college, spending time with family and when I can, writing songs or just listening to my favorite artists or reading a good book. However, due to my illness a typical day also involves battling with constant pain but through it all I try to remain positive and use my interests and hobbies to occupy my mind.

N: What are some of your hobbies?

S: My main hobby is writing songs or poems, I believe that this is a talent which God has given to me as when I do write, I zone out from the rest of the world and just focus on writing. Writing songs and poems is therapeutic as when you finish you feel so proud of your work and the way the ideas just flow from your mind is an amazing experience.

N: I know you’re a singer/songwriter. How do you balance going to College and music?

S: If I am honest balancing college and music is very difficult, managing 3 A levels is difficult let alone finding time to do your own interests and hobbies. However, I have recognised the importance of taking time out from my studies to write songs and find inspiration from other artists. Usually, before a half term I will have a course of mock exams, so  when the half term does come that is saved for ME time and time for me to wind down and MAKE MUSIC!! During the half term that has just gone by I have been working on a song and will surely be releasing it soon along with my other music I have done available to listen to on Soundcloud.

N: What’s your go-to outfit and how would you describe your style?

S: My go-to outfit would definitely  be a comfortable pair of blue high-waisted jeans, a white waterfall jacket with a satin colourful top underneath and a chic pair of black boots. This is an outfit I would usually wear to a concert or a meal as it is not too smart or too casual and will also keep me comfortable and warm. Being comfortable and warm is most important for my style, living in England means that we occasionally have hot weather therefore, boots, coats and jackets are what I would normally be seen in. Also, i do have a soft spot for patterned clothes, floral tops and very bright colourful tops. My favourite jumper would definitely be my bright orange one, not just because it is warm and comfortable but because it really stands out on a dull rainy day 🙂

N: What tips would you give to anyone trying to achieve their goals?

S: A tip I would give to someone trying to achieve their goals is to focus on what it is that YOU are interested in or what YOU aspire to be as many people follow the goals that their friends have or the goals that their family want for them. Do not get me wrong, it is good to listen and take on board advice from those close to you but do not be afraid to follow the goals that you what you want for yourself. Another tip would be, no matter how crazy or different your goal may be, do not be afraid to pursue that goal just because everybody else around you has different goals. We are all different. Being different is not being weird. Start from the little things that you may like which others don’t like, so it may be a pair of trainers or a new funky hat! The best way to achieve your goals is to not be afraid of being YOURSELF.

I’m so excited for your contributions to Knew Yu!

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