The Chill Zone (EP. 1)

Lovelite – Teach Me

The song I have chosen for this episode is called, Teach Me by Lovelite.

This song is so relaxing but not only that; it has beautiful words sung by beautiful voices haha. It’s all beautiful!

But in all seriousness…

I have been a listener of Lovelite for about 3 years now. Ever since I heard their album, Nearness and single, Nearness, I was hooked. Fast forward a few years, I can say that I am a happy owner of every Lovelite song and album that I’ve heard of and a fan of them all!

Though the song is quite short lyrics wise, I think it still has a great impact especially when paired with the music. It starts off all soft and mellow and rises in a natural way as you start to believe in the words more and more.

Here are the lyrics for you to read as you listen to the song:

When life’s on trial may I rest in You.

My emptiness met as Your provide the rest.

Teach me patience in the fire.
Teach me gentleness toward hate.
Teach me to be wanting only You.

The voice of Your ghost pushing me to You.
It wrestles my will making me brand new.


My favourite part is the chorus for three reasons:
  1. Being patient in times of intensity (aka, staying stress free) is vital to maintaining good health.
  2. It’s only right that we are kind to people. Obviously.
  3. Being gentle and patient means optimal relaxation, happiness and 0% stress.

I hope that you enjoy this song and that you have a great weekend full of rest and joy!

From Nadine


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