Introducing The Chill Zone!

Welcome to The Chill Zone!

I used to share music on my old website, Street Meets Style in a series called, Song of The Day – where I featured an song that I had on repeat that day and Artist of The Week – where I featured an artist that I had been listening to that week.

With Knew Yu, I thought that it was important that I continued to share music, but I will heavily filter the music that I share here as I want it to be helpful to you, inspiring, and even relaxing. That’s when I came up with The Chill Zone.

The music I listen to has always been chilled and relaxing. Alternative, but cool. The Chill Zone will feature a new song each time, but each song will fit into the chill genre/feel.

Listening to relaxing music is helpful to your mind and wellbeing as I briefly mentioned before in the article I wrote about Rest so this is something that I want to put into practise even more.

Every Friday there will be a new episode of The Chill Zone.

Make sure to head back to Knew Yu tomorrow to see the first song featured on the Chill Zone!

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