Commit To Excellence

Change Your Thinking. Change Your Life.

I mentioned last week that I wanted to take control of my life. When I say that it doesn’t mean that I won’t listen to anyone else but me anymore or do anything that I know I should do just because I don’t want to. I mean, I no longer want to live my life being the person that I used to be. Being the person I wasn’t 100% happy with.

There’s a quote that one of my businesses lives by: “You Can’t Change Your Life, If You Don’t Change Your Thinking”. I couldn’t agree with this quote more. Go into anything with a negative perspective. Tell yourself over and over (even unconsciously) that you can’t do it. That you’re a failure. You will never… eventually, you’ll really believe it. Eventually, you’ll become that negative person that you were trying to avoid.

I will do a blog post on how to avoid and overcome negativity as it’s necessary for you to rid of it from your life so that you can become a positive and happier person.

It is one thing to be good. Another to be great, and another to be excellent. I believe that we should all strive for excellence. When I say excellence, I don’t mean perfect because no one is perfect.

The dictionary definition of excellent means: “possessing outstanding quality or superior merit; remarkably good.”

Now, I don’t believe that we should start living our lives thinking and acting like we are better than everyone else around us, but we should definitely strive to be the better version of ourselves. See something you don’t like? Then what can you do to change it, to make it better?

I am not the tidiest person in the world and that is something that I know I need to work more on. It is something that I like to call organised mess. I know where all my things are, but to the untrained eye (haha) it can look like World War 3 happened! To commit to excellence in this situation I have taken it upon myself to minimise as I used to be somewhat of a hoarder. Not a bad hoarder like the ones you see on the programs, but a collector of certain things. I will minimise the amount of clutter I have in my room, sell things I no longer need and that are still in good condition, then rearrange my room so that it’s clear, relaxing and tidy. That to me is living in excellence. There’s no point in me just sweeping my floor and hiding a bit of rubbish under my bed etc. That’s not excellence! Excellence is going the extra mile to see your goals being achieved. This is my goal, and I will achieve excellence over it.

What is one thing that you really want to gain victory over? What do you need to do to get there? What’s stopping you? Let go of those sentences you keep telling yourself, that you’ll do it later or you’ll do it on such and such a date. What’s wrong with now? If it’s not making you happy anymore, then that’s the time you have to do something about it.

If you need to get help from family, friends or even outside help, then that’s what you should do as not all goals can achieved on your own.

Today, commit to excellence. Don’t put it off any longer.

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