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Tatyana Vintage

If anyone knows me, they know I love vintage, especially the New Era aka the 50s. I have loved Tatyana’s store since the day I first came across it a few years ago as I was seeking inspiration for my 50’s Americana style/makeover. Some would like to say it was just just a faze dressing up head to toe in 40s and 50s inspired pieces, but now I really think that it’s something that will never leave my system. Even though now I don’t wear 100% vintage inspired clothes, I will never stop loving retro and will never stop incorporating things I love from the past into my life, whether it be in my wardrobe or my decor choices.

A few weeks ago I started to discover new and revive old interests in modern day retro lovers on various social media sites and was interested in discovering more about the ladies living this 50s 2015/2016 lifestyle, the designers behind the clothes they were wearing and if it would be something that I would really enjoy doing 24/7. And to be honest, I think I would absolutely love it!

So, you could call this the beginning of my retro/vintage revival journey where I start researching people who inspire me who are also inspired by the cool eras.

I was so lucky to get an interview with one of the ladies that have inspired me over the years, Tatyana who has created a wonderful empire within the fashion industry.

I talk to her about her fashion journey and her favourite projects of 2015. Enjoy!


Nadine: How did you get into fashion and why vintage?

Tatyana: I began my line after being a model for a number of years.  Most of my modeling was for high end designers (my last assignment was for Oscar de la Renta on New Year’s Eve at Steve Wynn’s resort). There were always very elegant, classy beautiful dresses but extremely expensive.  I wanted to bring that high style to every woman for an affordable price and thus began the Tatyana line. The fact that classic styles are “vintage” is a coincidence – the purpose is the style itself.

N: How did you set about creating Tatyana Vintage?

T: I began with the feminine form and let it speak to me as the styles flow from that.  The dress should always be subservient to the woman that is wearing it.


N: I love all your designs and the whole idea of a retro boutique. You have also done some wonderful collaborations with brands and fashion designers like Tempest Storm and Dita Von Teese. What are some of your favorite designs and what has been your favorite project?

T: My favorite designs are not always the most popular!  Sometimes I get a little frustrated that a few of the styles just keep selling and really would like to showcase some of the newer creations.  But to pick a design as my favorite is not possible.  They are like my children – one day one is my favorite and one day another…

N: What is a typical day like in the life of Tatyana?

 T: I usually wake up at 6 a.m. do my exercise routine, walk my dogs, drink green tea and go to the office. First what I do there – check and answer my emails. I walk around the office greeting my employees and talking with them about plans and any events or problems. The rest of the day I usually do something with designing new styles, creating tech packs, making sketches, organize fittings, photoshoots, fashion rehearsals……depends the major happenings of the day.

Utter madness and complete joy.  Frustration and accomplishment. Disappointment and triumph.


N: Who are some of your favorite designers (you can choose the ones you’ve worked with) and what inspires you?

T: My favorite is Oscar De La Renta. He never tried to be trendy, he said “I design clothes for women to wear. I am not interested in shock tactics. I just want to make beautiful clothes.” I so completely agree with him! I think exactly the same!

And of course I love Betsy Johnson (who does not like her!) Her styles are so joyful and she is herself a very nice, happy and friendly person.

The golden age of fashion was to style as ancient Athens was to philosophy.  It seems that the height of creativity all came about in the 1940s through the 1960s.

N: Are there any plans of expanding Tatyana Vintage to other countries? I mean, we would love a little boutique somewhere in the UK

T: We do sell to vendors in many countries, including UK (and of course online) but right now we are not opening additional retail stores.  The retail world is changing so fast with e-commerce seemingly enveloping the marketplace that it’s time to focus on the current channels we have.


N: What has been your highlight of 2015 and what new things have you learned that will help push yourself and/or your business forward in to the New Year?

 I was picked by one of the main Las Vegas magazine readers as one of Las Vegas’s top 100 women of Influence. We are only internationally recognized fashion brand headquarter in Las Vegas.

We devoted time to animal welfare organizations and Charites that used our dresses to orchestrate through runway presentations. I love animals and happy we can help.

Truthfully, my highlight has been to watch my four year old granddaughter, Adriana Khomyakova, grow into a fine young lady.  You should see her play tennis! I devote my time for her as much as I can! I even added to my collection dresses for little girls (“Taty”) and they usually match some of my ladies dresses. And of course I will continue to design and make new beautiful styles for women.

N: What tips can you give to an aspiring fashion designer?

T: First start doing it for love – not money. Post pictures of your designs everywhere on social media. Try to go to market with small quantities of your favorite designs. If you get lots of positive response – move to bigger quantities and then you will make money! Sounds easy but there is lots of hard work involved!!!

Thank you so much Tatyana for this interview! I have truly learned a lot.




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