Song of The Day: Though We Cannot See You


Hi Everyone.

I know it has been a long time coming since I have done one of these posts and if I’m honest, it feels real good writing it right now.

A few days ago, one of my long time favourite bands, Lovelite dropped a new EP entitled ‘Hopeful Strangers’ and I was very excited to hear how these next set of songs sounded. They said that they think it is the best set of songs they have ever written, and I have to agree! Though I really love a lot of their older songs, these new songs are a completely different vibe. The sound is new, they both sing a good amount of the songs each which is great.

I really like all the songs, but the one that I have had on repeat this week is, ‘Though We Cannot See You’.

The reason why I have liked this song so much is because the words really relate to how I’ve been feeling lately and also expresses my desire to follow God 100%, truly and completely. My favourite line is ‘Though we cannot see you, you deserve every beat of my heart.’ I really believe this and hope that everything I do will be done to the glory of the one who made me.

I hope that you enjoy this song and that it makes your day!

You can buy their new EP, ‘Hopeful Strangers’ here.


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