My Interview With Nicholas Anglin

I did an interview with artist and all-round creative, Nicholas Anglin about his work and inspiration. I hope you enjoy it!
Nadine: What is your most favourite art form?
Nicholas: I never limit my self to one art form, but if I had to choose it would be design. Design allows you to fuse all the art forms.
N: How do you get inspired?
N A: Inspiration for me is just analyzing form/ context. Everything inspires me, hence why I say  ” Art is in everything” it’s all about how deep you wish to analyze. The simplest thing can mean the most based on its context but on my off days music, people and ransoms images always inspire me, the best is when they all fall in sync and create its self.
N: What has been your favourite project to date?
N A: I don’t really have favorites. They all show a transition and growth for me. Sometimes it shows how you think and create. No favorites.
N: What is a typical day like in the life of Nicholas?
N A: A typical day for me is pretty mundane. I work at an ad agency so I rise at 6:30 leave at 7:30 get on the train – and for 45min I live in my brain and create my own art work/ideas. When I get to work I grab a donut and a hazelnut coffee.  When I finally  leave work, I’m back at it again. Until my art pays for it self then this might change.
N: You do so much different types of art at top quality and I have a few favourites which I think are beautiful. Do you have any tips on time management?
N A: Thank you I appreciate the compliment, tips on time management….. Hmmm…. Well I suck at managing my time to be honest . but if it’s a necessity or something I’m interested in, I make time.
So my tip Would be; make time and master your craft try to learn something  new everyday that makes your work easier or your execution easier.
I appreciate the complement. The only thing I could say is use your free time. Time keeps moving. Increase your knowledge, read something informative or inspiring everyday.  Read about the people before you, try to connect with people you want to know. Your peers should inspire you see what interesting see what they have done then see your journey and where and who you want to be. I’m still on my journey, and do this everyday.
N: How did you get into art and how did you create your own style?
N A: I’ve always been into art. I was never into sports just music, girls, photography, food and cartoons. I use to tell everyone that this is what I am I am my art. It’s the only thing I can do or find interests in doing with out it being a bother.  it’s the only time I feel comfortable and confident. My style was developed because I hate representing anything as is. Art is an expression, it’s a feeling. I got obsessed with  pop art and illustrations. eyes and symbolism after doing research about religions and cultures, the  culture the gods, the stories  all fascinated me I just interpreted what I saw into what I found appealing
mixed matched and  fused.
N: What does success mean to you?
N A: Success to me is inspiring others. Showing them that your talent your thought me your expression can take you places and that consistency and belief in you will bring the energy to elevate you.
N: What tips can you give to an aspiring artist/creative?
N A: Always explore, always recreate your self and  be Consistent. It’s through consistency that you find you. Your style your persona your identity.
Thank you so much Nicholas for doing this interview with me!
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