My Interview With Cabu


Billy Cabusas, aka Cabu, is a music producer. I came across him by watching a YouTube video (which I can’t remember which one – great) and have since featured two of his songs on my own.

I like the chilled, relaxing yet melodic loops he uses in his work and wanted to understand his process and how he got into the beat making industry.
Here is my interview with Cabu:


Nadine: What is the meaning behind your artist name and why did you choose it?

Cabu: The meaning behind “Cabu” is simply from my last name which is Cabusas, also aesthetically it looks dope, along with it being somewhat easily searchable on social media and what not.

N: How would you describe your sound?

C: My sound is just simple chill soulful vibes, that aims to make you happy.


N: How did you get into music?

C: I got into music by Djing and mixing music, and then one day I wanted to change one part of a song, and you really couldn’t do that with dj gear, so I bit the bullet and bought fl studio, fell in love with it, couple hundred YouTube tutorial videos and here I am.

N: I really like how chilled your music is and featured a few of your songs in my recent video (here). Who/what inspires you when you are creating a song?

C: A way that inspires me is by listening to producers I follow and love, and feeding off those vibes, also I like to take drives and listen to music in the morning which also helps me get inspired along with looking at cool photography on Tumblr and Flickr gets me going.


N: What is a typical recording day like in the life of Cabu?

C: I’m a morning person, so I like to start making music in the morning with an essential cup of coffee, and I do that up until mid-afternoon.

N: If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be and why?

C: I would love to work with Tom Misch, that dude is so talented and I would learn so much from him if I were to get into a studio with him and maybe Ta-ku and Sam Gellaitry.

N: What do you want your listeners to take away from your music?

C: I just want my listeners to vibe out and be happy whilst listening to my music just like how producers I look up to did for me.

N: What tips can you give an aspiring musician/producer?

C: I’m still an aspiring producer myself but from the things I’ve learnt and experience is to keep working and honing your craft, because by a x number of time, you’ve learnt something from it and you are a little bit better and more skilled than before.

In terms of having a writer’s block, a good way of getting away from that is to be creative in other fields this can be photography or fashion for example and put your efforts in other creative outlets and come back to it.

And lastly is to just do what you love, and to not try and do something you’re not, because it can definitely show in your work.

I want to thank Cabu for doing this interview with me.


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