My Interview With Joy Ike (Plus A Special Gift)

Be The First To See Her New Music Video!

Joy Ike is the kind of person that when you hear her music for the first time, you need to immediately go to YouTube and listen to more and more! This is what happened with me. Ever since the first time I heard her music I have browsed through a large majority of her songs and selected my favourites (which is pretty much the large majority of songs I heard).

Joy was kind enough to do an interview with me, but the best thing is that she has a new video coming out on the same day! Joy was also kind enough to let you guys be the one of the first to see it. So if you’re in Europe you can’t view this video anywhere else until the evening time.

Here is the interview. Scroll to the end if you’re way to excited to watch the video.

Nadine: How did you get into music?
Joy: I grew up in a musical family. My parents had my siblings and I take piano lessons at a young age. We also went to a special music school on Saturday mornings in grade school. I took up the clarinet in middle school and continued with it in the high school marching band. When i look back, music was always there. But I really didn’t genuinely appreciate music until I was in college…when i started listening to more singer/songwriters and music that felt like it had more depth than the stuff I had been listening to prior to this point.
N: How would you describe your sound? Was it a natural progression or was it something that you set out to make?
J: My music is very poppy. But I usually tend to describe it as Soulfolk b/c it also has equal elements of Soul and folk. Finding my sound took some time. In fact, I think it was always there, but that I had to go through several years of slowly uncovering it. Some if it just took maturing as a performer. Most of it involved becoming a better musician and songwriter. I had to learn how to write songs that weren’t forced – songs that get out of their own way and leave room to breath. It’s been a process and I still have a long way to go.
N: Would you ever write and sing a duet with anyone, and if yes, who would you most like to sing with?
J: Hmmm, I’ve been asked to collaborate on so many songs over the years. It has never been right so I always respectfully say no. I have worked on songs with other people in the past and I always came out of those projects feeling unsettled about it – like it just wasn’t right. I would like to write with other artists in the future. But honestly, i think I always shy away from it b/c I’m still not 100% comfortable with my own creative process. As for singing with other people, it would be my absolute dream to sing with B.Reith and Sara Groves – two of my favorite artists.
N: What is a normal recording day like in the life of Joy?
J: I really only record when im working on a new album project and need to spend time in the studio. So you will rarely see me in a studio – maybe once every 2 1/2 years truthfully. So I’m not sure what normal is just yet 🙂
N: What is your songwriting process? How do you get inspired?
J: I do alot of ”listening”. I’m not a big talker, but I am a big observer. I like to spend a lot of time paying attention to what’s going on around me – in the world, in my life, in the lives of friends and family. If something strikes my interest, I may not always talk about it, but I will write about it. Songwriting for me is finding clear, simple, and poignant ways of exploring everyday issues through music.
N: How would you define success?
J: For me personally, success is touching people through my music. Making a dent in my world by filling people with life through the hope I want my songs to bring. Being a steward of the gifts God has given me and feeding people with food for the soul.
N: As this is fashion blog, do you have a particular outfit that you like to wear when you perform?
J: Yes, I love dresses! I love vintage looking dresses – stuff you would find at ModCloth. I love lace, and floral patterns. But usually i wear a fairly plain short dress with tights. Cant be looking hoochie on stage 🙂
N: What tips would you give an aspiring singer/songwriter?
J: Don’t look for overnight success. Everyone wants it to come quickly. Let your music and your career grow over time. You wont be disappointed if you build it on a firm foundation. Overnight success goes just as quickly as it comes.

Now, here is the video. Enjoy:



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