My Interview With Jessica Luxe

The Bright Blogger
Jessica Luxe is the owner of the fashion blog, and shares creative pictures of cool outfits ranging from boho styles to fully monotone outfits. I was lucky enough to get an interview with Jessica about her personal style and tips on how to balance work, life and full time education.
Here is the interview:

Nadine: How would you describe your personal style?

Jessica: Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can wear. My style ranges from tailored to boho, I wear it with a unexpected twist, and always with confidence.
N: Do you have any time management tips for someone who’s a blogger but is also in full time education?
J: As a blogger who does full time university myself, I’ve shared my cheat sheet that has helped me immensely:
N: How did you get into blogging?
J: I moved to a brand new city for school and it was something I used to express myself during an exciting part of my life!
N: What’s a typical day like in the life of Jessica?
J: I start by answering emails in bed (and throughout the day), then I get to managing and planning brand campaigns. Usually there’s a meeting or event or photoshoot (sometimes all 3) that’s happening that day, and being prepared is crucial. And of course,  always remembering to create content throughout the day!
N: Who takes your pictures? What camera do you use?
J: Thomas Bullock ( is my main photographer. He shoots with a Canon 6D and a variety of lenses.
N: I’m loving your dyed hair! Any hair care tips?
J: Thank you! Biggest hair tip: don’t bleach your hair at home! Also, for processed hair, olaplex is your new best friend.
N: I definitely like your bohemian ootd’s. Has living in Vancouver affected your sense of style at all, and how would you describe the Vancouver trends?
J: Thank you, boho is a new style for me lately and I’ve loved experimenting with it this summer.
I’ve found that the bigger the city, the more room there is to stretch out and try new things, so I’ve done just that. For the rest of Vancouver, they seem content with a pretty basic uniform. It comes with our relaxed attitude!
N: What tips would you give to an aspiring blogger?
J: Sit down, make a plan and work on it every single day.
I want to thank Jessica again for agreeing to do this interview.


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