How To: Tidy Up Your Room

My Ridiculous Tidy Up Routine

Hey all. I wanted to show you a peak at my life on one of my chill days, but thought I would share my tidy up routine as well. I don’t go into detail in this video, but I will share what I do here.

  1. I select an area that I want to focus on.
  2. I clean the floor around that area.
  3. I find homes for each item I touch.
  4. If an item doesn’t have a home, I put it into a box or bag with other things that still need to be sorted out.
  5. Once completed I will sweep the floor in that area and select the next area of my room to tidy up either that day or for the next day.
  6. After that I either decide to decorate that area or to organise all the new items.


  1. I like to take loads of breaks while I’m tidying up for a few reasons. 1. I get bored easily. 2. It’s not healthy. 3. The longer you work, the less enthusiastic you will be – causing you to give up all together.
  2. I like to play my favourite music to help keep me going. Dancing always makes me feel better and helps me find new ways to enjoy working and cleaning.

I hope these tips were helpful and that you get your desired room very soon!

From Nadine


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