How To: Wear A Dress Differently

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Dress/Dorothy Perkins, Shoes/Tesco’s, Chinos/K&Co

If you’ve read my Latitude Festival post then you would have seen this dress already. I decided to try something a little different and style it as a t-shirt/top.

Way 1:

You can loosely roll the dress up and tuck into your trousers, leaving a little hanging loose at the back to create an interesting shape.

Way 2:

You can neatly fold your dress up to create a straight edge and slightly tuck it into your trousers making it look more light a T-shirt.

Way 3:

ou can do what I did and just not care about wrinkling your dress by just tucking it in, still leaving a little out a the back to add more texture and interest.

Way 4:

If your dress is shorter you can take the front and tie it in a knot to make an easy western looking outfit.


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