How To: Eating Healthily At A Festival

Energy Snacks

Staying reasonably healthy at a festival isn’t easy and takes planning, but it’s not impossible. When I first heard about music festivals, I was worried that I would probably have to spend a lot of money and queue up for ages just to get a meal that I probably wouldn’t be able to eat anyway, being a pescetarian. So here is a short list of the sorts of things I would bring with me as snacks until I can get a full healthy meal.

  • Summer Berries
  • Nuts (If you’re not allergic)
  • Fruit bars (I sell a health bar in my shop, check it out)
  • Hummus spreads
  • Green Juices

Most of the food I mentioned in this list are energy foods but also have the protein and nutrients needed to help you get through the day.

If you are a raw vegan I think it would be wise to bring an abundance of fruits and vegetables and pack it in a cooler. Depending on how long your festival stay is will determine h ow much you pack, obviously.

The only thing I will say is that salads don’t last well in a cooler for long periods of time, so I think that is something to consider.

I hope you enjoyed this how to and that you have a wonderful Summer festival.

From Nadine

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